Mark Linkous, the driving force behind Sparklehorse, was the man who literally died and came back to life. His existence mirrored his mesmerising and unique music. He was at once a humble, modest man; the epitome of a Southern Gentlemen. He was also self-destructive; a recovering addict who battled with debilitating depression. The dual nature of his personality reflects the extremes of his music; beautiful, surreal, off-kilter pop contrasted with dark, distorted ballads and discordant punk-rock.

The Sad and Beautiful world of Sparklehorse  is a feature length music documentary. A cult and hugely influential figure in the alternative music scene, the critically-acclaimed Linkous had a dramatic life that saw him battle with drug and alcohol addiction, paralysis, and debilitating mental illness that resulted in his eventual suicide.

Linkous finally succumbed to his crippling depression in 2010, prior to releasing his final album, the star-studded ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ featuring Danger Mouse, Iggy Pop, David Lynch, Frank Black (The Pixies), Suzanne Vega, and James Mercer (The Shins). Linkous committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart. A witness saw him sit down in an alley, pull out his rifle, and fire it into his own chest.

Sparklehorse’s music was heralded by his peers and critics; a mix of alt-country, discordant punk and psychedelic pop; it has been described as “defiantly surrealist… with all manner of references to smiling babies, organ music, birds, and celestial bodies.” Collaborators included PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, The Flaming Lips, Danger Mouse, David Lynch & Thom Yorke (Radiohead).

The film features interviews with Jonathon Donahue and Grasshopper (Mercury Rev), David Lowery (Camper Van Beethoven), Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Ed Harcourt, Gemma Hayes, Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid), Emily Haines (Metric), Adrian Utley (Portishead), John Parish (PJ Harvey) Alan Weatherhead (Sparklehorse Sound Engineer) and Matthew Wright.

The film is written & narrated by Mark Linkous’ friend and collaborator, Angela Faye Martin.

The Sad & Beautiful World of Sparklehorse will provide a retrospective about the brilliant and often dramatic life of Mark Linkous and his unique music style.


Here are a couple of snippets from the film:


26 Responses to “Home”

  1. Cathryn Low Says:

    I was talking with Brian about your visit to Sandy Jackson’s property next weekend. Don’t know if you’re interested – me and my husband, Paul Lorentzen were very close childhood friends of Marks – since 13 years of age. We were responsible for Mark’s move to Hayesville, NC. I also have many still images of his life from friends and family sent during the funeral. Looks like a respectful project and we’d be happy to help. Sincerely, Cathy Low (ph; 404-634-4488)

  2. Stephanie Leather Says:

    When will this be released in the uk please?

  3. Christoffer Says:


    Is there a way of getting a hold of this film somewhere? Available to purchase online at this date or later on?

    Can’t wait!

  4. Mark Deamer Says:

    will you be touring the film? Or is there a list of venues other than the Union Chapel that will be showing it?

  5. Hey! So was a buddy in the High School days in Charlottesville, Va. Great stories and former bandmates! Let me know if we can help! joel

  6. Le Puzzle Says:

    My girlfriend took me to the cine to see that movie in Bogota a couple weeks ago, I was a little bit reluctant at first to see a documentary about a singer that I have never heard about… but the music of Mark Linkous moved me so much that I felt in love instantly with it.
    I took the time to share this to say that from tragedies good things can finally emerge, and at the end, things are “sad and beautiful” at the same time… thanks a lot for your work !

    Greats from a French guy.

  7. So excited!! I live in Wisconsin (USA) any screenings planned in the US? Also, how long is the film? Any plans for DVD/streaming releases?

  8. Bob Rupe Says:

    How is it possible that I have only heard of this film today?

  9. Edwina McEgan Says:

    How long does Australia have to wait for a screening ?

  10. Paul Angulo Says:

    Hi, where could I get The DVD?
    Thanks in advance

  11. Catherine Says:

    Is it possible to purchase the DVD online? Or elsewhere? Thank you!

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