About Us

Alex Crowton and Bobby Dass; close friends and collaborators for more than a decade have worked tirelessly to produce a film that depicts their shared passion for Sparklehorse. They also produced and shot an entirely self funded promo for Mark Linkous in 2007.

The Sad and Beautiful world of Sparklehorse has been a labor of love for almost three years…

Alex Crowton: Lecturer in BA Honours Media (film) Production at Staffordshire University.

Freelance video clients include: BBC Arts Factual, BBC Films, Sky, Hanrahan Media, Second Home Productions, The CBSO, Jaguar, Honda, Arts Council, The Lowry Theatre and the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Previous documentary films include: The Duke and the King (2011), Jack Nitzshe: Lost Legends (2009), Sparklehorse: Belly of a Mountain (2007), Paul Curreri: Live at the Glee Club (2006).

Bobby Dass: Freelance Director & Editor. Clients include; UK Film Council/Screen West Midlands, Wolverhampton City Council, South Shropshire Government, Lichfield Festival, Sonic DB, The University of Wolverhampton and The Birmingham School of Acting.

Films include: Tourettes Haiku (Digital Shorts 2004), ‘Change The Way’ (RTS Award Winner 2007), Sparklehorse: Belly of a Mountain (2007).

7 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Dominique Says:

    Very proud that some fellow West Midlands folk have made a film about this beautiful artist. Just shows how he touched so many with his honest and endearing music. Looking forward to this a lot!

  2. hey any chance i can get a copy of this?

  3. Dan Ores Says:

    Where can I see this? I live in Cleveland. Can I purchase it? Thx.

  4. E Marie Livingston Says:

    Trying to find a way to purchase this dvd in the US. any ideas???

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