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  1. Judy Davenport Says:

    I have an 8MM clip of Mark when he was about 3 yrs. old with my daughter (his cousin) walking with fishing gear to go fishing near his home town of Charlottesville, VA.

  2. Mike Vincent Says:

    So sad that this never got funded. I was lucky enough to see Mark and Fennesz in Brum in the Digbeth academy 2. Still love his music.

    Do you guys ever think of trying to get the funding started again?

    Good Luck and best wishes!

  3. Felicity SMITH Says:

    How can we possibly get to see this film in France? I can’t begin to say how much Mark has influenced me an my work throughout my life. I’ve just finished a 400 page novel in his memory. I NEED to see this documentary.

  4. Matt Bennett Says:


    I was lucky enough to see Mark in Brighton, England. Are there any plans to show the film in England?

    Thank you and can’t wait to see it!

  5. I love Sparklehorse! Where do I put my money?

  6. How can we see/buy the film?
    best regards,

  7. I absolutely adored Mark, and I always will. He gave my generation a slew of great songs, which will never be forgotten. He will always be part of the fabric of this nation , and a part of the American dream . On this 3rd of July , I say thank you Mark, and thank your parents. You are loved.

  8. Daniel Leonard Says:

    How can we buy the film?

  9. Carl Schwartz Says:

    Short clip of Mark playing a pump organ

  10. Are y’all in touch with SXSW—is there a schedule for stateside release/screenings—where/when might a fella purchase & download your film? Thanks, CC

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