About Us

Alex Crowton and Bobby Dass; close friends and collaborators for more than a decade have worked tirelessly to produce a film that depicts their shared passion for Sparklehorse. They also produced and shot an entirely self funded promo for Mark Linkous in 2007.

THIS IS SPARKLEHORSE has been a labor of love for almost 11 years…

Alex Crowton: Documentary Filmmaker

Previous documentary films include: In praise of The Garage (2021) The Duke and the King (2011), Jack Nitzshe: Lost Legends (2009), Sparklehorse: Belly of a Mountain (2007).

Bobby Dass: Freelance Director & Editor. Clients include; UK Film Council/Screen West Midlands, Wolverhampton City Council, South Shropshire Government, Lichfield Festival, Sonic DB, The University of Wolverhampton and The Birmingham School of Acting.

Films include: Tourettes Haiku (Digital Shorts 2004), ‘Change The Way’ (RTS Award Winner 2007), Sparklehorse: Belly of a Mountain (2007).

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